Finding Therapy

Finding a psychotherapist or a psychoanalyst can be both challenging and rewarding.

When you are considering treatment, it is important to know what kind of therapy you are seeking. If you are interested in a highly exploratory approach, you may want to consider psychoanalysis, which is a more intensive and time committed form of therapy. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy is less intensive, but does require a close working relationship in which emotions, thinking patterns and behaviors are closely examined with your therapist.

Both forms of psychoanalytic therapy will require an initial assessment, which is an opportunity to discuss with your therapist or analyst what you would like help with, and how that might be addressed through therapy or analysis. This is process in which both you and the therapist can assess whether the therapeutic relationship feels like a good fit, and better understand the benefits of engaging in a long term therapy.

The Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute have a Referral Service which can help you in determining whether psychoanalytic treatment may be of benefit to you, and whether psychotherapy or psychoanalysis would be most appropriate. They will also be able to provide you with a list of therapists or analysts who currently have openings in their practice.

For further information about our Referral Service for psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, call the tps&i at 416-922-7770 or fax us at 416-922-9988.

To contact providers directly please use the directory below. You may select Psychoanalysts, Therapists or Training Analysts by category or by region using the drop-down menu.

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Deborah J Affleck PhD.

Phone: 416 921 7469

Faizal Ali


Doron Almagor MD, FRCP

Member/PsychoanalystDirector, The Possibilities Clinic
55 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 305 Toronto Ontario M4P 1G8 Canada
Phone: 416 482 5558 Fax: 416 482 8999 Website:

Taras Babiak MD, FRCP(C)

100 Adelaide Street West #702 Toronto Ontario M5H 1S3 Canada
Phone: 416-966-0835 Fax: 416-966-0837

Susan Beaver

Member/ Psychoanalyst

Daniel J. Blais MA

206 St Clair Avenue West Toronto ON
Phone: 416-668-0885

George Boujoff

Member/ Psychoanalyst

Helene Brodziak

Member/ Psychoanalyst
701 Sheppard Avenue West., Suite 513 Toronto Ontario M3H 0B2 Canada
Phone: 416-487-5089 Fax: 647-723-0501

Rukhsana Bukhari MB, BS

Member/ Psychoanalyst
175 Glen Road Toronto Ontario M4W2W8 Canada
Phone: 416-929-1510 Fax: 416-920-2230

Donald L. Carveth PhD., RP, FIPA

Member/ Psychoanalyst/ Training Analyst
89 Orchard View Blvd Toronto Ontario M4R 1C1 Canada
Phone: 647-427-1480 Website:

Art Caspary Ph.D., C,Psych.

Member/ Psychoanalyst
114 Maitland St. Toronto Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-920-6330

L. Chagoya MD

Member/ Psychoanalyst
5 Carey Road Toronto Ontario M4S 1N9 Canada
Phone: 416-389-3007

Gail Cooper MSW

7636 Yonge Street Thornhill ON L4J 1V9
Phone: 905-731-0942

K. Danielson MD, FRCP(C)

Member/ Psychoanalyst
90 Scollard Street Toronto Ontario M5R 1G2 Canada
Phone: 416-975-9154

John Dattilo MD

14 Prince Arthur Ave., Suite 206B Toronto Ontario M5R 1A9 Canada
Phone: 647 261 1580 Fax: 647-350-0095

Michael Dean MTC, RP

68 Indian Trail Toronto ON M6R 1Z9
Phone: 416-995-3107 Fax: 416-766-0045

James Deutsch MD, PhD, FRCP(C)

Member/ Psychoanalyst
227 Victoria Street Toronto Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-363-3751 x2011 Fax: 416-363-7945

Judy Deutsch MSW, RSW

Member/ Psychoanalyst
Bathurst / St. Clair Toronto Ontario Canada
Phone: 416 929-6486

Norman Doidge

Member/ Psychoanalyst
180 Bloor Street West, #501 Toronto Ontario M5S 2V6 Canada

David Dorenbaum

Member/ Psychoanalyst
554 Spadina Crescent Toronto Ontario M5S 2J9 Canada
Phone: 416-925-8536

Virginia Duff

Member/ Psychoanalyst
St. Joseph\’s health Centre – 30 The Queensway, 4th Floor Sunnyside Building Toronto Ontario M6R 1B5 Canada

Christine Dunbar

Member/ Psychoanalyst/ Training Analyst
229 Major St Toronto Ontario M5S 2L5 Canada
Phone: 416-922-7778

Cinda Dyer

Member/ Psychoanalyst
1407 Yonge, Suite 304 Toronto Ontario M4T 1Y7 Canada
Phone: 416-922-6699 Fax: 416-922-7250

Erika Engel

TIP Candidate
204 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto Ontario Canada
Phone: 416-485-9700 Website:

Lia Falzon RP.

Guest, Therapist
249 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto Ontario Canada
Phone: 647-501-0747
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