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ATPPP Curriculum

The objective of the ATPPP curriculum is to help Trainees develop a sophisticated understanding of the clinical techniques and theoretical complexities of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Two seminars are combined each evening for a duration of three hours, over more than thirty weeks, for two years. One seminar focuses on the theoretical knowledge base; the second seminar is clinically based, providing an opportunity to clarify and refine theoretical concepts. Assigned readings constitute an important part of the seminars. Some alterations may be made to the seminar format.

Download the Application form here or from the tab link above. The form includes a section you can use for your references.

Introduction 1 session
Development, Infant 3 sessions
Development, Ages 3 to 11 1 sessions
Development, Adolescence 2 session
Basic Concepts of Treatment 5 sessions
Formulation and Note Taking 2 sessions
Assessment and Diagnosis 4 sessions
Empathic Listening 2 sessions
Medication and Referral 1 session
Research 1 session
Psychotherapeutic Technique 12 sessions
Core Concepts of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:
The Nature of Unconscious Thought Activity
1 session
Core Concepts: Dreams and the Nature of Unconscious Psychic Processes 1 session
Core Concepts: Resistance and Repression 1 session
Core Concepts: Transference 1 session
Core Concepts: Phases of Instinctual Development 1 session
Core Concepts: Narcissism 1 session
Core Concepts: Sado-masochism and Aggression 1 session
Core Concepts: Depression and Melancholia 1 session
Core Concepts: Psychic Structure and Psychic Conflict 1 session
Core Concepts: Anxiety and Signal Affects, Defence 1 session
Review of Core Concepts 2 sessions
Ego Psychology and American Object Relations 4 sessions
Kleinian Additions to Core Concepts 4 sessions
Winnicottian Additions to Core Concepts 4 sessions
Interpersonal, Culturistic and Relational Perspectives 4 sessions
Self Psychology 4 sessions
Continuous Case 4 sessions
Basic Concepts of Treatment 1.5 sessions
Feedback .5 session
Object Relations 8 sessions
Object Relations Technique 8 sessions
Personality/Character Types 10 sessions
Transference/Counter-transference 10 sessions
Dreams 6 sessions
Impasses 2 sessions
Self-Harm 2 sessions
Addictions 2 sessions
Psychosis 2 sessions
Boundaries and Confidentiality 2 sessions
Termination 2 sessions
Contemporary Clinical Topics 6 sessions
Trauma and Loss 5 sessions
Comparative Psychotherapies 1 session
Cultural Diversity 1 session
Feedback 1 session
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