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The ATPPP Program


Trainees are taught, supervised, and mentored by selected psychoanalysts from the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society, an affiliate of the International Psychoanalytic Association, which was founded by Freud and is the world’s primary accrediting and regulatory body for psychoanalysis.

Two seminars with a combined duration of three hours will be offered one night per week (Mondays 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm and 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm). One seminar focuses on the theoretical knowledge base that is essential for clinical work, the other is a clinical seminar, designed to integrate theoretical ideas into clinical practice. The seminars are held for thirty weeks each year for two years, beginning in early September and ending in late June. Trainees will treat adults in long-term psychotherapy with supervision from a psychoanalyst who is a member of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society. In addition, the program organizes twice yearly conferences with internationally recognized speakers that are included in the tuition fee.

Trainees submit twice-yearly case reports of their clinical work, which are carefully reviewed and responded to by the Student Progress Committee, providing another mechanism for trainees to get help with their clinical work. Trainees are encouraged to take part in all the Society’s educational and training events, including two half-day Scientific Meetings with invited speakers.

Admission Criteria

The program is open to regulated mental health professionals who have demonstrated knowledge, skill, and aptitude for psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Clinicians from the fields of Counseling, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Psychology, and Social Work will be considered for admission.

In addition to an undergraduate university degree, all applicants must have an advanced degree and/or at least two years of clinical experience and be a member of a regulated health professional organization. In addition to the written application process applicants will be interviewed by two senior clinicians associated with the program.

Class size is limited and teaching takes the form of small group seminars. Tuition is $4400 yearly plus a $70 PEP-Web fee. Supervisory fees are additional and are individually arranged. Applicants are asked to submit letters of reference from those who are familiar with their clinical work. All applicants are interviewed by the Selection Committee of the Training Program.

For more information on the ATPPP program download our brochure.

Download the application form here or from the tab link above. The form includes a section you can use for your references.


The 2023-2025 ATPPP University of Toronto Accreditation Application has been approved for:

  • Advanced Certificate of Completion in Continuing Professional Development: 307 hours

Graduates are encouraged to continue their affiliation with the Society and to participate in its wide range of clinical seminars and conferences such as the monthly Scientific Meetings, the Annual Day in Psychoanalysis, and the Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis. Furthermore, graduates may continue their education and training through the postgraduate seminars offered by the Advanced Training Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Application for Admission

The provisional starting date for the next class is September 2025. Applications for this class must be received by February 28, 2025.

Please email the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society at

Application Fee: $350
Tuition for the ATPPP: $4400 yearly plus a $70 PEP-Web fee

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