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Saturday Morning Parent Talks

Between Hours hosts Free Public Talks for parents of young children:

Saturday Morning Parent Talks

Starting on February 20, 2016, we will kick off a community series of free parent talks that will focus on the inner world of the child and the experience of being a parent. In this community venture, which takes place on Saturday mornings, monthly, at Parentbooks on Harbord, we have collaborated with other community mental health providers who work from within a psychoanalytic perspective to bring this information to parents of young children and facilitate a dialogue.

Please pass along this information to any parents of young children you think may benefit. The venue is small, so pre-registration is required and registration will be on a first-come basis. We will retain a short wait list for cancellations. See the brochure for details.

Vivienne Pasieka,
Chair, Between Hours/Interdisciplinary Programme

Session Dates

Please note: We have been asked to change the dates of some of the parent talks on account of the Family Day, Easter, and Passover holidays. Please see the revised brochure for the new dates. Our apologies.
February 20, 2016 – There’s a Monster under my Bed – Understanding Children’s Primitive Fears and all that they Evoke
March 19, 2016 – That Big Bad World – Helping Children Thrive in Anxious Times
April 9, 2016 – How to Say No to Your Kids Without Feeling Too Guilty
May 14, 2016 – The Time of Our Lives
June 11, 2016 – Thinking Together

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