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SCIENTIFIC MEETING – Lacan, Kris and the Psychoanalytic Legacy: The Brain Eater

SCIENTIFIC MEETING - Lacan, Kris and the Psychoanalytic Legacy: The Brain Eater

Presenter: Sergio Benvenuto

Wednesday, April 24, 2024: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm (no break)

TPS Scientific Meeting: Open to All (*Fee may apply. See below.)

** Hybrid Meeting: Offered via Zoom or in person. In person registration is limited to 50 participants. Preregistration is required.
Registration deadline: April 15, 2024

In person location: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society – 40 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 203 – Toronto, ON M4T 1M9

In his book Lacan, Kris and the Psychoanalytic Legacy: the Brain Eater, Sergio Benvenuto shows that—just as Freud analyzed da Vinci’s work and other analysts Hamlet— even the work of analysts can be analyzed. The speaker focuses in particular on the way in which Lacan several times, in the 1950s, returned to a case reported by Ernst Kris of a scholar in analysis because he feels forced to plagiarize the works of other colleagues. This prompts Benvenuto, in turn, to formulate some hypotheses regarding the unconscious motivations that also pushed Lacan to write and teach. It is his proposal to read psychoanalytic texts in an analytical way.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To propose a way of reading the great masters’ psychoanalytic tests not to extract defined concepts at the end, but to understand their implicit motivations;
  2. To read many discussions on analytical technique—analysis of resistances, defences, etc—as ways of affirming different visions of analytic care and subjectivity;
  3. To perceive the unconscious demands that are behind debates, controversies, and theoretical comparisons in the field of psychoanalysis.

* Registration/RSVP
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* Please note that there is a $35.00 fee for participants who are not CPS members, TPS Affiliate/Guests or TIP Candidates.

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Sergio Benvenuto

Italian philosopher, psychoanalyst, social scientist, writer. He studied clinical psychology in Paris and sociology in Urbino (Italy). He teaches psychoanalysis in Italy and Ukraine. He is author of many books and papers in many languages on psychoanalysis, philosophy of politics, social psychology.

This event is eligible for Section 1 CME credits (0.5 credits/hour). This event is an accredited group learning activity (section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certificate Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, approved by the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA). The specific opinions and content of this event are not necessarily those of the CPA, and are the responsibility of the organizer(s) alone. As per the Royal College standard, each presentation provides a minimum of 25% interactive learning.

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