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Self-Assessment – Could You Benefit from Psychotherapy?

Do you experience:

  • feelings of extreme sadness and of loss that never seem to get better?
  • periods of very low energy to the point that getting through the day seems impossible?
  • changes in your appetite that lead to noticeable loss of (or even gain in) weight?
  • trouble getting a good night sleep, sleeping more (or less) than you usually do, and never feeling rested?
  • difficulty in keeping your mind concentrated and focused?
  • unable to enjoy the pleasures of being with people you care about and doing the things that normally give you pleasure to the point you find yourself doing less and less?
  • pervasive feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness shame and guilt?
  • thoughts of ending your life?

Do you find that:

  • it is difficult to control your worrying?
  • it is hard to stop repetitive thoughts of danger, doom, and fear from filling your mind to the point that sometimes you feel like you may be going ’crazy’?
  • you experience unexpected changes in your heart rate, breathing patterns, body temperature (sweats or chills), tingling or numbness, cold hands or feet, dry mouth, dizziness, stomach upset?
  • it is difficult falling trouble or staying asleep?
  • you get easily distracted from what you are doing by unwelcome and unpleasant thoughts?
  • you have developed unusual fears or patterns of behavior that have interfered with your daily life?
  • it is difficult to control your feelings of anger?
  • it is hard to stop yourself from thinking very strong hateful or aggressive thoughts about others?
  • feelings of anger arise very quickly and overwhelm you?
  • feelings of anger simmer until you explode?
  • it is difficult to control what you say to others and how you say it when you are angry?
  • you sometimes throw or break things when you are angry?
  • your anger has interfered with important relationships, your work or school success, your lifestyle or daily life?
  • you have encountered legal consequences as a result of your anger or aggression? are concerned about your anger or aggression?
  • you direct your anger at yourself and cause yourself harm?

Are you concerned:

  • about your sexuality?
  • that your level of sexual desire is too high or too low?
  • about your ability to become sexually aroused or to experience sexual pleasure?
  • that you regularly experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (if you are a man) or inhibited orgasm or pain during sexual activity (if you are a woman)?
  • about the kinds of sexual fantasies, behaviors or urges you have?
  • that you may not be able to control your sexual urges?
  • that your sexual behavior may cause difficulty with others or threaten your relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may benefit from psychotherapy. Today there are a number of effective treatments for these conditions which may include medication as well as a number of psychotherapies. There is very strong scientific evidence that these conditions can be significantly helped (especially in the long-term) by psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapies.

If you are interested in or considering psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy and wish to find out more, please email Dr. Charles Hanly ( who will be able help you connect with an appropriate referral. Alternately, our Finding Therapy directory of Psychoanalysts, Therapists and Training Analysts is available for you to select a provider in the greater Toronto area.

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