Special Extension Program Event

Special Extension Program Event – Embracing the New Technologies: Helping to Expand Psychoanalysis

Embracing the New Technologies: Helping to Expand Psychoanalysis (Beyond its Traditional Constrictions)

Guest Speaker: Elise Snyder

Saturday, January 7, 2017: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (EST)

This is a Special Event of the Extension Program of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society. Open to all.

The format will be a PANEL DISCUSSION with panelists taking part in the actual meeting, as well as others joining in over the Internet from China, Iran, US, Europe. Thus, it will also be a “maiden voyage” for our new TPS upgraded Audio-Visual System. As part of the discussion we will also demonstrate the use of this system when offering Distance Education as part of our TPS teaching commitment.

The Guest Speaker will be Elise Snyder, a psychoanalyst from New York, who has been heading a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program between the US and China, for the past 15 years. Most of it has been done over the Internet. Some of its graduates have gone on to do full psychoanalytic training with US psychoanalytic institutes. This is being done over the internet.

We expect to have a lively and creative discussion, hearing experiences and suggestions from international psychoanalytic students who are and have been training over the internet, as well as their teachers. The notion of having to seriously consider expanding psychoanalytic training, so that it is available to other parts of the world beyond the cities who have Training Institutes, is a very current one and an urgent one.

The big factor that has to be addressed is how to accommodate the present guidelines for psychoanalytic training set by the IPA and the realities of the global demand for training. If we keep the doors of the institutions too tightly closed, we are promoting the decline of psychoanalysis. There has to be some accommodation and compromise in order to create the first generation of psychoanalysts in a new territory, for psychoanalysis to be able to take a foothold in new places. Freud and his contemporaries were not the best trained analysts by current standards, but as time went on, psychoanalysts of the next generations kept becoming more and more sophisticated. This should be considered as a parallel with the “new world” situation in the present.

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