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Membership Required

We’re sorry! Our Member’s Area is reserved for Members, Guests, TIP Candidates and Training Analysts of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute.

If you are already a Member, Guest, TIP Candidate or Training Analyst please login at the top of this page or by using the form below.

To become a Guest in the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society you must apply for Guest status, meeting the following requirements:

  1. Be sponsored in writing by a member of the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society who will be present at the Annual General Meeting and be prepared to speak on your behalf;
  2. Submit a letter requesting consideration for Guest status, which states your interest in psychoanalysis, any previous involvement in the field of psychoanalysis, and reasons for attending the scientific meetings and other related events.
  3. Submit a current C.V.
  4. Arrange for two letters of reference – one preferably from a qualified psychoanalyst; another one from a professional colleague who knows you well.

Please be advised that the current annual fee for Guest status is $295.00. For an additional $65.00/year one can become a Research Guest and have access to the PEPweb (a vast number of psychoanalytic journals, articles and books).

For more information on becoming a Guest of the tps&i please contact us at 416-922-7770 or email


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