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COURSE FOUR – Cinema and Psychoanalysis

COURSE FOUR - Cinema and Psychoanalysis

Course Coordinator: Julio Szmuilowicz


July 8, 2020

To all Registrants of all Psychoanalysis and Cinema Courses
To Database registrants of the TPS&I

Dear all,

I hope you and your families are safe, healthy and well. It is an understatement to say COVID19 has been and continues to be a frightening and disruptive issue for the world. The care we need to take care of each other and for ourselves and the fear the whole event has engendered together with the risks for our health and lives have been undeniable. People of any age are in danger of contracting the disease without any forewarning; once infected there is no alternative but to go through with the illness without knowing the “size” of what we are getting: a mere cold, a bad cold or a very bad cold with pneumonia and the need for complex care. The safest outcome is not to get sick by being always mindful, staying away (not socially distant but PHYSICALLY distant), washing hands frequently and trying to not touch your face, your eyes, your nose and your mouth and not congregating around too many people.

Meeting in person under these circumstances would be impossible. Sadly, as a result, the Faculty of the Psychoanalysis and Cinema Course decided to not offer a course this year. Getting together is not possible and probably won’t be, until at least early 2021 or maybe later when the vaccine (hopefully) is available. Running the last three films at a distance, although physically possible and very enjoyable, caused distress among many of our students and colleagues due to computer requirements, app issues, camera availability and sound software. Less than 15 people attended the evenings and this with a few issues such as the films not being available for legal streaming, the computer sharing over Zoom or Webex not possible or not that clear, some not being able to listen to the audio and others not being able to get either the video or the audio.

However, we would like to offer two or three “free” virtual evenings during the rest of 2020 and early 2021, where we will show a current film, present a paper and offer the opportunity for all to get together online for a fun and well-deserved respite from worry and loneliness. I would guess we will schedule a film in October or November, January and March or April depending on how we are doing. Of course, should we be able to start meeting in person, we would try to get us all together in person.

If you have a suggestion for the movies you would like to watch, please write or phone.
Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us at either my email address ( or the TPS office (

Julio Szmuilowicz

Julio Szmuilowicz, MD, FRCP(C)

Psychoanalyst in Private Practice. Faculty TPS&I.

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